Why Choose CSD?

We believe that the experiences of our customers express it best... let our next testimonial be yours!

"As always...service above and beyond".
Wilson Wood, Vrtucar (Ottawa)

"Dependable, flexible, competitive, resourceful – these are the qualities that The Willow Group values and what Doris has been providing for the past several years. Excellent service always provided on-time, on-budget and with a smile!"
Kathy Jones, President, The Willow Group

"Since 1990 Lapointe Fish Limited has worked with Doris at Creative Signs & Designs on numerous projects. As her first customer we have enjoyed a close relationship with her. She has been instrumental in our visual communication of our business and to our customers."
David Vivian, Lapointe Fish Ltd.

"Regardless of our requirements, Creative Signs & Designs consistently offers options and delivers a product that is within budget, effective, professional and of high quality.
The staff is always prepared to handle our last minute requests, find innovative solutions to our signage challenges and are a pleasure to work with."
Peter Charlebois, Hansler

"If sign making was an Olympic sport, Doris would be leading team Canada!"
Chris Acker, Graphic Designer

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Doris for about twenty years and never met a more honest, dedicated and straight-forward individual. Her work is exceptional, it exceeds her promises, and her clients always come first. Doris is not only a supplier to me, but she is also one of my clients. Above all, she is a friend. Doing business with her is a true pleasure."
Kurt Baumgartner, Independent Planning Professional